The power of thought

Do we ever dream too big or too small in life? Are wishes a bad thing that they never seem to come true after we have sooo plenty of them in a day? Can we ever really achieve what we want in life… Most people in life ask themselves this question every single day of their lives, probably after failing to achieve a dream of after things go left! But well, the answer to these questions is quite simple… YES dreams do come true, wishes can come true but it all starts in the mind.

I want you to understand a basic law of nature “THE LAW OF ATTRACTION”, now the law of attraction is very basic, from a thought or mind perspective. the law of attraction says, LIKE attracts LIKE, such that you achieve what you think about most. is what you are likely to achieve, regardless of whether its good or bad.  If you think about it most you then achieve it. Now,from a scientific perspective, every thought sends a frequency to the universe, and constant frequencies being sent to the universe makes the frequencies manifest in material form such that it actually happens.

The universe works like Aladin and the magic lamp, it simply says, “Your wish is my command” So every thing that you have in your life right now, you attracted into your life, no matter how bad it is. You invest a lot of time thinking about it.

Now back to the real thing, if you ever wanted to achieve anything in your life, just think about it most and you will see that the law of attraction actually works. In one of my late posts, i was engaging on how we are supposed to balance the see-saw of gender equity, and Precious says, “We wish to big”, exactly dear, dreaming too big and wishing too big is what actually makes things come to life, it is how the law of attraction works. I always tell people that we are supposed to dream as big as we can, wish as big as we can, after all, dreaming and wishing are just FREE so why not go big.


Life is quite interesting when you channel your energies towards what you want, coz its either you go BIG or you go home…

Use your thought frequencies positively and gun for what you want.vlcsnap-2015-04-10-01h28m57s0


Freedom is ideal.

The principle of freedom is just but a mere myth. The bigger question in life is “Are we really free???” and “Freedom to do what” that moment when  we ask ourselves the latter question shows there is a great problem with the principle of freedom, we can never ask ourselves “Freedom to do what when absolute freedom is involved because the answer to that question is “Freedom to do anything you want”, now that is freedom….

Are we really free to move? Is the right to movement really there when you need documentation to move, when you need a PASSPORT to move and when you don’t you better sit home and enjoy the boredom of the place you do not want to be in? Are we really free?

Employment, proper health care, good education and all other basic human privileges are now subjective to location, you now have more human rights than the person from your neighbouring country just because they are poor. This is the situation on the ground, for a Zimbabwean to get quality health care they have to go out of Zimbabwe to say USA, but since you are termed a foreigner its either you pay ridiculous sums of hospital bills which are not equal to those of the “citizens” or you don’t get any treatment at all. What does this say about the right to life? Is it subjective to nationality??? Yes it is, hence we are not free to get proper treatment.

What freedom when you don’t get to decide your pay in your workplace? What freedom when there is a boss? What freedom when you do not decide whether you want to write homework or not? What freedom when you don’t choose which family you want to be born in? What freedom when you don’t choose if you want to be born black or white?

Freedom does not exist, people should just stop lying to us about freedom and independence when we need to rely on richer nations to survive, someone, somewhere decides on your behalf, what you eat, what you wear and how you behave.



The void feeling

In life we sometimes get lonely and feel sidelined as if no one cares and loves. Is it part of human nature feeling this sidelined???? That is when we get to learn to differentiate between being alone and being lonely. You will be amongst crowds of people but yet there would be a feeling of being void within you and you cant even explain it.

You sit home, alone and ask yourself if ever there is anyone who cares, if ever someone out there  will make you happy, life can be really cruel at time that you feel really void and no one can help. One reason why WE the teens spend the whole day asleep and half of it on social sites is because we want to feel appreciated and if you sleep you get lost in a world of your own where you can actually feel appreciated, ohh well only if it isn’t a nightmare, but we get to convince ourselves we are happy. Some people blame us when spending a lot of time on the net, but it is the only place where I can meet someone in my situation and understand each other or at least find someone I can talk to.

Everyone is so busy with their lives that no one listens anymore, I usually think its best to talk to someone you don’t even know and they help than talking to someone closer to you who will make your problems jokes for the day. WHERE IS HUMANITY, WHERE IS CARE AND WHERE IS THE LOVE that we had when growing up, I want to feel the love and care I felt as a 3 months year old infant, not necessarily from my mum but from everyone in the world because it is leaving a very huge void in our lives. Show me some love.


What Xmas????

“Merry Xmas” well that is what everyone is saying these days. Is it because shorthand is dominating even the most important things in life and making them lose their original meaning?

What Xmas ???? It is Christmas people, let us comprehend this and appreciate the value of such events. It is Christmas coming from the word “Christ” the one we look up to and pray to every time we have problems and when we are thanking him for something good he has done for our lives. Last tie I checked Christ had not changed his name to X. X is just but an unknown in maths, has God been so insignificant in our lives that we call him an unknown that we call him x???

What xmas ? this is Christmas and is supposed t be called as such and celebrated as such. Its 25 December and let us enjoy CHRISTmas as such be merry and happy on such a glorious day.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year….


The Blunt truth of life

In life those who succeed are the selfish people who only think of themselves before anyone else, for a businessman to sell ARVs it’s not because he wants to help the people but it’s because he realized that there is a lot of money in that field.

As bad as it may sound, humility is not the best way to attain happiness and a good life, anyway no one ever ate humility. In any case people put themselves first even though they don’t realize it. Now lets work together here, for a girl to accept being in a relationship with a guy what moves her to make that decision??? Is it because she knows the guy is happy with her, is it because she knows the guy loves him???? Certainly not, it’s because she knows what she can get from the relationship or because of how the guy makes her feel not because of how she makes the guy feel… Even with guys, they approach a girl they love not a girl who loves them, if its  both then its a plus. At a wedding who eats first??? the bride and the groom or the guest??? Obviously the bride and his groom, that’s just how blunt life is. People always think of themselves and how they gain in the particular setup before they think of anyone else.


Life is not as theoretical as most people think it is, the thing which screws us up in life is that we have a picture of how it’s supposed to be and when we find out it’s not we suffer. Life is so blunt that its only the strategic who survives, it’s the bold, strong, evil and carefree people who we adore in tis world who always make it because most of us are too humble and too caring to even think of ourselves. In a plane, you are told to secure your oxygen mask first before you secure anyone’s because you will die when trying to help other people…

Wake up and smell the coffee, Life is so blunt that if you are not selfish enough those who are will succeed at your expense.

Its February and everyone is on and on about Valentines day, the 14. But what exactly is the month of love, i for one can not say because love is a very controversial subject. It can be defined in many views but from a lay mans point of view; it is more or less of a vivid emotion.

Since Feb is the month of love show the ones you love how much they mean to you. Take note ‘the ones you love’ not neccessarily the ones you are in a relationship with. Love Love Love.

I zip my mouth when it comes to this issue, bt all i can say is i love everyone in my life. Including you.