Behind every successful man is a woman

Indeed behind every successful man is a woman, or should i say behind every successful boy is a girl?

I never really believed i would ever fall in love again, but after i got to really know Nomathamsanqa i started believing in love again. All i know is she wishes the best for me, she doesnt want to b held responsible for my failures so i gotta do ma best to succeed, yes she is a girl, and ye she took ma breath away… No offence but, this seems to be the first real relationship i have ever had for the past ….. Uhhh… 17 or so years.

Noma is ma rock, she is ma pillar, and she is ma everything. Nomatter what ppl say, wat u say, i dnt really give a damn. As long as i have ma babe by my side everything is lekka…


Month of love

Its February and everyone is on and on about Valentines day, the 14. But what exactly is the month of love, i for one can not say because love is a very controversial subject. It can be defined in many views but from a lay mans point of view; it is more or less of a vivid emotion.

Since Feb is the month of love show the ones you love how much they mean to you. Take note ‘the ones you love’ not neccessarily the ones you are in a relationship with. Love Love Love.

I zip my mouth when it comes to this issue, bt all i can say is i love everyone in my life. Including you.

Merry Christmas

Ho Ho Ho … The time has come when you have to put aside all your problems because this is not the time to wallow but to enjoy. If you are religious do that- go to church and celebrate thebirth of Jesus Christ..

Religion aside now, if you need fun dont sit home and wish, go out there and enjoy yourself. Drink until the cows come home but dont drink and drive but drink and jive.. Now thats what Christmas is all about, enjoyment. Enjoy in the best way eveeeeeeer … Now go out there and enjoy

Nonetheless, seasonal greetings to everyone… Merry Christmas, or should i say kissmas coz you gotta get many of those… wHOre wHOre wHOre

Want a relationship urgently??? Jus chill

Love??? there are different definitions of this term depending on how you look at it. I know for a fact that most people are eager to fall in love thus if you have not had the priviledge of experiencing its pleasures. Bt ask from me and become my protégé because i think with my analytic mind i have discovered a lot about love that great minds have failed to explore.

Buckle up and listen to my own perspective petaining this epitome called
love. Now love is more or less of a vivid emotion that comes from within so if you have not felt it yet dont hurry because haste surely makes waste. You might think that venturing into a relationship is pleasant bt it has its setbacks. If love is a bed of roses as people think then why the breakups. These are evident enough to prove the assertion that love is a bed of thorns.

If you get zealous to get into a relationship you will never find love. Love comes to those who least expect it and those who wait. So pls just be patient and dont rush into things you are not armed to brace. Just wait your time will come sooner rather than later. The sophistication of relationships is unbearable so just chill. Relationships wont bring you the happiness you so much desire but understanding yourself and unleashing your inner chemistry will do that.

If your time is up you will hear the alarm bell go, if your relationship alarm is not yet up just remain in the arms of Morpheus and enjoy the pleasure of being single. Single is not only a relationship status but is a term that describes a person who is strong enough to live life alone.

Following the rainbow

Most people have resorted to following the rainbow in search for the pot of gold. The pot of gold is one thing that people have searched for since times immemorial. What is this pot of gold am i alluding to. The pot of gold is your happiness, be it a person or a place this differs from person to person. Now as it is known to the general populace that the rainbow is colourful, beautiful and appeals to the natural human senses. Sadly, however, my own interpretation of the rainbow is that good advice you get, and those things that make you eager to persue your desire but has negative effects.

Now enough about all the symbolism, allow me to relatr the issue at hand. People have the tendance of following the rainbow, taking the easy way round happiness. But these things like peer pressure are the rainbow i am talking about, they come in an attractive manner and make us have the oomf of doing what seems good. At the end of the day people lose their dignity, but for what? Chastity is lost, principles are went against, respect is shattered and images are tarnished just because of following the rainbow.

The best way to enjoy the happiness that you so much desire is to do away with ostentencity, and wait your time will come. Dont let all these good things that you see and hear let your actions go in vain. Never follow the rainbow…

Everything comes to an end

In life there comes a time when you think u have it all. Bt pooof u hv it gone at the blink of an eye. The time when you lose smething or sme1 u luv. One thing abt life that i hv realised is that you dont knw the importance of the people around u or the things around u until they r gone. Just like water some have jus told themselves we jus gotta drink it, they realise its importance when they are thirsty. It wld b dat time when u drink juice and it doesnt quench ur thirst that u realise the importance of water. That is how life is the people around you are not important until they are gone. If a family member, nomatter what or how u related decides to take his or her last breath that is when you note the gap in your life. A gap that noone can fill. Take the people who u live with seriously and enjoy your relationship while it lasts. RIP to my dad who passed away on 28.03.12 and my half brother’s dad who passed away on 20.09.12